Ascent Automotive offers flexible fleet rates depending on the size and usage of a business’s fleet.

Ascent Automotive is multidisciplinary and equally adept to working on domestic, imported, diesel, personal vehicles including fleet and work vehicles.

One of the shop’s three lifts can elevate up to 15,000 pound people movers and large commercial vehicles. In addition, Jones and Gioia have extensive experience in complicated wiring and outfitting jobs ranging from retrofitting ambulances and police cars to installing snow plows and lift kits on four wheel drives.


  1. Perform honest, quality repairs at a valuable price
    Only recommending the proper services, necessary repairs and maintenance need to keep your car driving safe.
  2. Use parts that meet or exceed factory recommended parts
    Service & repair vehicles in a timely manner while keepin the customers informed about car repair status, including estimate completion time.
  3. Provide the best customer service in the Vail Valley area!
    Repeat customers are our friends, you know who you are. Come back again for top car service in Vail.


No customer to big nor to small. We service all makes and models: Ford, Chevy, Dodge, all GM vehicles as well as anything foreign – Acura, Audi, BMW, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Kia, Lexus, Mazda, Mercedes, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota and Volkswagen

  • 5 star review  Great service. Excellent work.

    thumb Rhonda Woodruff

    5 star review  Friendly, professional, knowledgeable staff. Reasonably priced.

    thumb Erica Ennis Hearder

    5 star review  Brett at the desk is knowledgeable and easy to talk to. The mechanics are all easy going easy to talk to and very experienced. Owner is also a mechanic and is the best in town.

    thumb Brian Helt

    5 star review  These guys went the extra mile on my car when I needed it in a pinch. Steaming burning oil on a 2007 BMW X3 and they swapped the head gaskets in a day. Then left me with advice on cleaning up the gunk in the crank case after 106,000 Miles. Many hours over the estimate without the extra charge. Just outright generosity, interest in serving new clients and seeing the job through with great attitudes from the owner to the tech’s and the front office. Tricky to find behind and below Pier13 Liquors but worth the call to Ascent Automotive!

    thumb Judd Watts
  • 5 star review  They are very knowledgeable and honest. They worked through a custom electrical system problem I had efficiently and were fair in what they charged. I recommend them without reservation.

    thumb Carl Gilmore

    5 star review  Good place to rent a U-Haul. Parking it is the only challenge.

    thumb Doug Moog

    5 star review  They will treat you right and they have uhauls as well

    thumb K Miller

    5 star review  Great shop. I'm a new customer, but experienced with auto repair shops. These guys did a great job keeping my limo fleet on the road. I recommend them and plan to keep sending my vehicles there. Thanks again guys, much appreciated.

    thumb Richard Silverman
  • 5 star review  Chris and his guys are the BEST. They work fast and get the job done right the first time. He does not over charge and communicates in an honest and authentic manner as to what you exactly need for your car to be running it’s best. Thank you Chris!

    thumb Nick Junker

    5 star review  Taken my subaru here multiple times for various jobs, service is great and the work is excellent.

    thumb peter i

    5 star review  Got me right in and diagnosis my car. I thought I needed new brakes n after checking the car out said brakes we ok... probably a rock got in. Refreshing to know they didn't sell me brakes I didn't need.

    thumb Teri Strickland

    5 star review  They will take really good care of you

    thumb Terri Wishon
  • 5 star review  My husband and I took our truck in on a whim for a new brakes. We called before to see if they had anything available (our brakes were dragging and on their last life) They got it done right away, same day and even took extra care of our vehicle, topping off the oil and windshield fluid. Thank you so much! We’ll defiantly be back and refer others to here.

    thumb Brisa Schultz

    5 star review  Let me start off by say I have a Graduate Degree in Mechanical Engineering and I just so happen to specialize in internal combustion engines... With that being said, I bought a non running vehicle, (blown head gasket) knowing full well the risk I was taking, normally I would have worked on it myself, but i live in an apartment in the valley and the parking lot is just not conducive for that kind of major rebuild. I called up and down the valley looking for a competent shop to work on it. Most said they would only put a new engine in it vs just fixing the head gasket. And the 2 other shops that said they would work on it, didn't ask some very important technical questions, or add new head studs to the quote, which I can only assume means they wouldn't replace them, big no no on this engine. When I called ascent Joshua immediately spoke to Chris and got back to me with quote within a half an hour, including the head studs. I had the vehicle towed to them and when I got there (at 630pm) Chris was still there working on a customer's vehicle, Chris came out and chatted with me for about all kinds of technical engine specs on a variety of engines. I was more than impressed, all too many mechanics just replace parts, and don't learn the engine theory, there's a big difference between knowing how and knowing why, Chris knows why.. they pulled the head off and it was the worst case scenario for my engine, called me immediately and I went to take a look. They let me keep it there for way longer than any shop would be expected to, while I figured out that I was going to do with it. After I finally decided, Joshua charged me less than orginally quoted and offered to help me tow it to my house, so I didn't have to use a AAA tow. Unbelievably great shop, would recommend in a heart beat to anyone looking.

    thumb Andrew Miller

    5 star review  Can't recommend this business higher. Have fixed multiple vehicles, fair pricing, and excellent communication throughout the repair process. Consistently go above and beyond.

    thumb Jacob Pelley