Nissan Steering and Suspension Repairs near Minturn, CO

Does your Nissan continue bouncing after going over a bump?

Does your Nissan drift around corners at low speeds?

It may be time for your Nissan’s shock absorbers or struts to be replaced.

Whether your vehicle has shocks or struts, Ascent Automotive has the equipment to diagnose and repair your Nissan suspension and steering issues.

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And set up an appointment to have your Nissan’s battery replaced and electrical system inspected.

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Your car’s suspension is responsible for keeping the wheels intact with the road and plays a vital role in preventing your Nissan from veering from one side of the street to the other.

Balance, stability and smoothness are what keep you and your passengers comfortable while traveling in your Nissan, correctly maintained suspension and steering make this possible.

If while driving your car wants to turn while you’re going straight, you might have an issue with your Nissan steering system.